Black Forest Witch is a Fantasy TV Series in the making . . .

An innocent farm-girl from the Black Forest is cast out by her village community. She conjures up the dark forces to seek revenge for losing everything she had. The story shows a young woman turning into the evil witch from the fairy tales. 

Lead actress Tamara Sedlmeir-Leutenstorfer as 'Lotte' in Black Forest Witch
Tamara Roming as the Witch, Photo: Janina Dietz

An Original German TV Series

Writer-director Sven Eric Maier explores the history of ancient Germanic tribes and their mythology with this Epic Fantasy Fairytale. This original series was shot in English for audiences world-wide, in the real Black Forest in Germany. Watch the Teaser Trailer, like, share and tell us what you think!

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Cast & Production Crew

LOTTE | Tamara Roming
HERMANN | Jonathan Elias Weiske
RUDI | Dennis Kamitz

Written, directed and produced by: Sven Eric Maier
Assistant Director & Slate: Nadine Knobloch
Director of Photography & Editor: Nicolas C. Geissler, BVK
Assistant Camera: Jens Willms
Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operator & Sound Designer: Sirius Kestel
Production Manager: Oliver Langewitz
Production Assistant: Eberhard Halter
Production Driver: Rolf Maier
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Marlene Prasse
Costumes & Catering: Lieselotte Maier
Set-Runner: Daniel Henninger
Set-Photographer: Janina Dietz
Location Guide: Gerold Lohmüller
VFX-Artists: Andreas Dahn, Shamila Lengsfeld
Title Animator: Atilla Lifeson
Composer: Marko Cirkovic
Colorist: Benedikt Hölzl, neuzeit.tv

Italian: Alba Palazzolo
Chinese: Janina Heker
Turkish: Enes Köklü

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This series is proudly presented by ERGOCINEMA. We are international filmmakers based in Germany. We are determined to bring to the world the same kind of entertainment we reveled in when we were kids. From the story to the final product, we want to engage our audience directly.

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